Monday, November 4, 2013

Obfy Talk at B-Sides DFW

First let me say B-Sides DFW was a lot of fun.  DFW seems to have a good security community and they come together and put on a nice con.  I also got to hang out with my co-worker @integgroll who lives down there and @HackerHuntress who flew down there from Chicago land like myself.  And finally I got to hang out with my old boss @Network232 and I finally got a chance to see his talk.  Overall, good time and a good con.

Now many asked me for my slides on my Obfy Talk.  There isn't much to them since it was mostly a demo.  I Demo's using Obfy to gain access to a windows workstation running a popular current corporate AV software package and showed that same AV package detect and delete the same payload when built normally using only Metasploit tools.

For those who wanted them, there are my slides.
 Obfy Talk Slides