Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My DerbyCon Talk

First let me say how great DerbyCon was, the content, the people, the staff, everything about it was ideal.  Second let me thank the people who ran it for selecting my talk.  I was surprised and very excited that I got to speak.

My talk was in the small room and against some stiff competition at the 4PM Sat slot and several Chicago land people I know went to Ben0xA's talk instead, which I totally understand.  His talk rocked.  But the room was almost totally full anyway and I think only one person walked out on me which is rather good for a Con, so it worked out fine I think.

I was pretty nervous in the beginning and talking a bit faster than I needed to, something I even say at some point.  I was afraid I would run out of time.  Once I noticed how fast I was going I loosened up a bit and remembered to tell the audience to ask questions which I meant to do in the beginning but forgot.  So they did, and their questions were great!  Several questions reminded me to talk about something that I planed to talk about but forgot like how to say no to people who you have to make sure keep liking you if you want to keep your job.  Seriously the questions improved the talk and I love how smart everyone is at Cons like this.

At the end I got a lot of positive feedback and people wanting to continue the conversation which we did at the hotel bar and it was great.  For my first talk at a large Con I'm putting this down as a success.

I posted the slides at the securityhangout forum, the direct link to the post is

The video can be seen here:

All the video's are here:, I recommend checking out tons of them.

Let me know what you think of the talk and slides.  I'm always looking to learn and to improve.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DerbyCon 2.0

I must say, DerbyCon was great this year.  I missed it last year and had high expectations going into it based on what I heard and it was even better than I expected!

First off, checking in took about 30 seconds, seriously.  Also I could always get into any talk I wanted to get in and even find a seat.  The hotel seemed to like us and people hung out and drank and talked in the lobby all night and it was a ton of fun and very relaxed.

BurbonCon was great, it was like ChiSec, BurbSec, and BurbSec-West all came together in one place.  Really the only bad thing was I couldn't see everything I wanted to and the stable talks weren't recorded.  I wish I knew they weren't being recorded earlier on I would have gone to more of those, there were some really good ones I missed.

This was also my first time speaking at what I would consider a major conference.  I'll blog about my talk separate and not bore you about the content here.  But I think it went pretty well.  The audience got into it after about 10 minutes when I finally loosened up, I was pretty nervous in the beginning.  I got a lot of great questions that moved the talk along and proved how smart everyone in the audience was.  And I got some great feedback afterwords which made me feel pretty good.  Ryan Reynolds came up to me and told me how much he liked it and he gave one of my favorite talks this year at DEF CON, that really made my day.

All in all it was great.  Now I'm hitting to watch some talks I missed.  Starting with Ben0xA's talk which was at the same time as mine, I heard it was good and really funny.