Friday, February 15, 2013

BackTrack Linux Update Script

I use BackTrack Linux a lot.  All the time really.  And in-between engagements I like to update the tools I use.  The normal apt-get update doesn't really update many of the tools I use.  And I like to automate things.  So I created a simple shell script to do this.  I updated it recently and I already have some more tools in mind to update it again.  But what I would really like is comments and even code from others who do the same thing to help make it better and more useful for even more people.  I find it interesting what other people see as important enough to update.

I used shell on purpose, to keep it simple and accessible to anyone.   A shell script is just running the commands you would normally run on the command line.  If you can't handle that then maybe BackTrack isn't what you should be running.  I kept the script as simple as possible and over did the comments again to keep it accessible and allow for easy re-use of code for people who don't do a lot of shell scripting.

You can find my update script here:

I would love your commits here, or if you are a github type person make a branch and give me a pull request and get your code in the script.  Just don't break anything.