Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Securityhangout.org is Born!

I just launched securityhangout.org as a website for IT security folks to hang out, ask questions of their peers, get answers, learn, etc.  The main hangout is at forum.securityhangout.org.  Right now it is pretty empty, but I really hope people will register and start posting.  If I get enough active members I can expand it to include more than just a board to post info.  I have a lot of ideas and if the community there grows I'll be asking them for ideas too.  But for now I'm going to see if there is a desire for such a place and if it gets traction before putting a lot of effort into it.  Here are some of the rules that I hope will get you interested:

1. Be respectful, this isn't a place for flame wars

2. No sales pitches, even in PM's, this is a place for peers to be able to talk

3. No spam or spam like posts

I will be approving membership and monitoring posts and banning people who post spam or are trying to sell a product or themselves instead of contribute.  So let's see how this goes.  Sign up today and get the cool names before they are gone!