Wednesday, March 27, 2013 added to Kali-Scripts

As the title says, I added a script called to  Chrome won't run as root unless you point it to a different home directory.  Which is annoying on Kali since you run as root.  That change gets blown away every time the package is updated, which is more annoying.  So enter this script.  It will setup chromium to run as root.  Use it every time the package is updated.  I decided to use the Debian package using apt-get install chromium instead of downloading the Chrome deb from Google and installing it, which is what I did for BlackTrack.  So far it is updated far less often so this annoying feature isn't as bad.  If a few people ask for it I'll make a script as well, it is an easy change.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kali Linux and Update script

If you are one of the few people who read this, you may know I have a BackTrack Linux update script here:  Well Kali Linux is the new version of BackTrack now and with it there are some new and exciting changes.

Gone are the days where you have to do so many steps to keep things updated.  Unlike BackTrack, the Kali packages are going to be kept very current, weekly, or even daily if you go with the bleeding edge option.  So most of the steps I took in my BackTrack update script are no longer needed.  Also, they won't work in Kali anyway.  Most of the tools don't have the git or svn info in the directories so updating them that way doesn't work in Kali.  Given then I have made a new repo:

It is a much shorter and simpler script.  It updates the packages on the system, then manually updates Metasploit, Nessus if you have it, puts an SVN version of Fuzzdb in the /user/share/fuzzdb dir and compiles the SVN version of nmap in /opt/nmap-svn.

Those last two items may not be needed, time will tell.  Fuzzdb is already on there and I don't know how often it gets updated anymore.  The version of nmap on Kali is really close to the SNV version and when I compared the script directories the SVN one only had a few extra scripts in it.  So that may not be needed anymore either and I don't overwrite the packaged nmap.  If you want to use the SNV nmap call it directly, or just use the scripts in the directory with the installed nmap.

Time will tell how this goes or what other scripts I add.  Feedback and additions and ideas are always welcome.

If you haven't switched over to Kali yet, you should.  Seriously, it is nice.