Monday, January 5, 2015

Told you so...Almost

From my last post you can see I had serious doubts about the FBI claim that North Korea is involved int he Sony hack and I'm deeply concerned that the FBI is being used as a propaganda arm of the Executive branch of government. Here is an update:

Norse Corp took on the investigation and figured it out in more detail and shared their findings with the FBI. The FBI rejected it and still has not shared why they rejected it or what if any evidence they have against North Korea:

The US Govt sanctioned North Korea while admitting no real evidence exists and no one seems to care but NK:

The stalled Cyber Security bill now has support of Republicans in the senate and will likely pass given the NK Sony hack link:

That bill is deeply flawed and shouldn't pass:

As far as I can tell the Sony hack happened, an insider working with some Russians to extort money as far as I can tell. The White House used the FBI to blame NK to get an unpopular cyber security bill passed. When the story lost it's legs over the holidays they sanctioned NK to keep it alive to try to keep momentum on the bill they want. Once the bill passes I bet they drop the NK story and arrest the insider. Time will tell though.

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