Saturday, August 31, 2013

Update to

I totally revamped my kali update script.  From looking at the activity here and my github page, that is the thing most people seem to be using.  It requires switches now.  So ./ -a does everything, or you can select just -p to update the packages and MSF but not wait for things to compile, etc.  I also testing the script on a fresh Kali install and I noticed packages were missing required to compile nmap.  I must have had those installed and didn't notice.  I fixed that so now /opt/nmap-svn/nmap will really run.  Although the packaged version on Kali is pretty current so I almost never run it anyway.  But have the most current scripts in the /opt/nmap-svn/scripts directory does come in handy.

So put if fresh like this:
git clone

Or if you have it already go into the kali-scripts directory and run:
git pull

Then run the script and the help will tell you what switches to use.

I hope you like it.

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